Monday, August 29, 2016

Horrible at This Blogging Thing!

I don't think I have many readers, so that is a good thing right? I started this blog to document my fitness journey and I slacked big time. Let me catch you up to what has happened these past few months.

Emotional Health: I'm breastfeeding and that within itself has had my emotions everywhere. I already suffer from anxiety attacks (thank to my maternal side of the family!) and they were getting worse. I'm not one to take meds and knew that the only other thing that helped me was exercising. I have my ups and downs and thankfully these days there are more ups than downs. I think it makes everyone at home much happier. 

Physical Health: Physically, what am I doing? I have incorporated running again as you can tell from my last post. However, it's very sporadic running. I try to get at least 3 runs in a week, most times it ends up being 1 or 2. What I am doing is Body Pump 3 times a week! I love Body Pump, it makes me feel fierce! It's a one hour class that challenges all muscle groups while using light weights.

Food: Like almost everyone else I love food! Tacos, sushi, pizza, all a yum! Eating healthy has been hard. I need to try better!

Family: Both girls are keeping me busy! The little is everywhere. She recently learned how to walk (not sure why I was so excited for her to learn ;-) ) She very independent. She keeps us on our toes, as most toddlers do. Toddler, wow!, I just referred to my baby as a toddler. The big finished up summer camp. She's back in school. She is my sports child. She just completed a kids tri and is begging me to sign her up for another. Man those things get expensive. Summer swim classes just came to and end. We will be starting fall swim soon. The big is back in gymnastics.

Faith: It's a struggle to get to church on Sunday. Lately we have been going twice a month. I need to get back to going EVERY SUNDAY! Going to church prepares me for the week ahead.

That's a quick update on where I am at. Until next time!

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