Thursday, April 27, 2017

They chose another one...

I'm tired of hearing those words! House hunting has taken a toll on my life. Every darn time we find our "perfect" house we are outbid! This last house we offered on had 8 offers!! It is definitely a sellers market. We were very excited about this last house. I tried not to get excited because I knew the chances were slim that we would get it. We were supposed to know that evening at 7pm whether or not our offer was accepted. At 9:30 they still hadn't made a decision, so I fell asleep. The Baby Daddy came to bed after midnight and him moving around woke me up. I looked over to my phone and saw I had a missed text, then I saw what was written "Sorry, they chose another one". My response was "we figured, thanks". We have an awesome realtor. He is amazing. Not pushing us to offer on every house we see! Looking at every detail of the home. I mean seriously, we're new to buying a home and at the beginning we didn't look at the roof, we didn't look at the windows, furnace, etc. He did.  The right one will come along, I know it will. Patience is the key here. PATIENCE!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What a Monday! It went by quick. I'm back to an early morning wake up. I woke up at 4:45am to complete some upper arm work. Then  I spent my usual 9 hours at work and was thrilled when it was time to leave. I missed my babies. Once I got home I was put on mom duty quickly. The diva had papers from school that I needed to sign, the redhead wanted to snuggle (which I didn't mind) and the Baby Daddy was ready for a break.

One nice thing, from my day, was when I unpacked my lunched I found a sweet note from the Diva. Made going back to work a tad bit harder.  It also made me wonder if there was some ulterior motive. She can be a slick one.

I realized yesterday that after a full day of work, I only have about 4 hours to spend with the family during the weekday and really not a full 4 hours if you take dinner, homework, housework, or whatever else into consideration. I loved being home with the girls for a week, but I'm not sure if I can be a stay-at-home-mom. A shout-out to those moms that do!!

Dinner was easy peasy. The diva has been wanted breakfast for dinner for sometime now. She really loves her breakfast meals. I cooked up some egg sandwiches, with bacon, and a side of hash browns. It was so good.

As mentioned yesterday, soccer starts this week, and of course we cannot find the chin guards that I just bought for last season, so we had to make run to the store. She needed new cleats as well, I mean I can't have her in playing in a Nike soccer uniform and wear cleats made by Adidas. I was expecting to spend much more than I actually did!  We went to the one of the only stores we have in town, Dick's, and it was packed. You would have thought it was Black Friday! Oh well, the things we do for our children.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Let's Catch Up for the Millionth Time

Where should I begin? Let's talk about my least favorite thing going on in my life right now. Buying a house! or at least trying to. You would think I would love it. I mean who doesn't love trying to pick out their new home. The market is horrible right now. Once a house goes up, if it's not sold within the same day, it is on the next. We know that eventually we will find our "perfect" home, but gosh darn it, I wish that was sooner than later.

One of the many great things happening in my life right now, is my running. I've slowly have been getting back on track. My speed still isn't where I would like for it to be, but I'm getting there. I'm running 3x per week and trying to do strength training in between. My 5ks are getting faster! I ran one last week under 33 minutes and I was excited. I really think I could have ran it faster if it wasn't so windy. I need to figure out how to correctly do speed work. My "speed work" consists of running super fast for about a minute and then slowing down for 2 and repeating.  I'm hoping to run a half marathon in June, but I haven't signed up yet. I did sign up for a 5 de Mayo race with my oldest. She's been wanting to run a race and I think it would be a fun one for us to do.

Life will start getting busy here again. My oldest starts soccer tomorrow, if the yucky weather stays away! It's officially Spring here. Bring on the April Showers. Honestly I don't mind the rain, however, I would mind it less if I didn't have to go anywhere. I went back to work today after having a week off. We were supposed to go out of town for vacation but plans changed when the Baby Daddy vacation was retracted. Oh well. It was still nice. I can honestly say I went back to work relaxed. We stayed home most of the time and did some remodeling/cleaning/downsizing/etc at home. Once we find our new home, we are hoping to rent our current one out. Hope you enjoy some of our pictures from our "stay-cation"