Thursday, April 27, 2017

They chose another one...

I'm tired of hearing those words! House hunting has taken a toll on my life. Every darn time we find our "perfect" house we are outbid! This last house we offered on had 8 offers!! It is definitely a sellers market. We were very excited about this last house. I tried not to get excited because I knew the chances were slim that we would get it. We were supposed to know that evening at 7pm whether or not our offer was accepted. At 9:30 they still hadn't made a decision, so I fell asleep. The Baby Daddy came to bed after midnight and him moving around woke me up. I looked over to my phone and saw I had a missed text, then I saw what was written "Sorry, they chose another one". My response was "we figured, thanks". We have an awesome realtor. He is amazing. Not pushing us to offer on every house we see! Looking at every detail of the home. I mean seriously, we're new to buying a home and at the beginning we didn't look at the roof, we didn't look at the windows, furnace, etc. He did.  The right one will come along, I know it will. Patience is the key here. PATIENCE!

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